Following up on the HPSG workshops organised in Frankfurt (2012,2015) and Paris (2014), I am happy to announce that the Laboratoire de linguistique formelle (CNRS & Paris-Diderot) is going to host the fourth workshop of the series end of March 2017.

The aim of these workshops is to provide a platform for (informal) discussion of current work in HPSG: theoretical, formal, as well as computational. The workshop is understood to be complementary to the annual international conference: the scope is regional (European) rather than international, there will be no proceedings, no reviewing, no invited speakers, and no registration fee.

In order to make it bearable to organise these workshops regularly (in Paris, Frankfurt, or possibly elsewhere), the idea is to keep all organisation and administration to an absolute minimum.


Participants must organise their own travel and hotel accommodation and must cover all their own expenses.

Here are the details for the upcoming Paris venue: