ew-hpsg-2 (2nd European Workshop on HPSG) Version franšaise

EW-HPSG 2014


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Sunday November 16

20h30 Warming up (L'echappee, rue Boyer, 20e, M Gambetta / Menilmontant)

Monday November 17 Tuesday November 18
8h30-9h00: Reception 8h30-9h00: Reception
9h00-10h30: Session 1
Assif Am-David & Manfred Sailer (U Frankfurt)
An LRS Encoding of a Semantic Typology of Definiteness
Jonathan Ginzburg (U Paris Diderot) Quotation and underlying grammatical type theory
9h00-10h30: Session 5
Manfred Sailer (U Frankfurt)
Inverse linking as complex quantifier formation
Frank Richter (U Frankfurt)
Polyadic "same" and "different"
10h30-10h50: Coffee break 10h30-10h50: Coffee break
10h50-12h20: Session 2
Elodie Winckel (FU Berlin)
De-phrases in French
Olivier Bonami (U Paris Sorbonne) & Berthold Crysmann (CNRS)
Variable morphotactics in a nutshell: the case of French pronominal affixes
10h50-12h20: Session 6
Lars Hellan (U Trondheim)
Building a cross-linguistic construction typology using HPSG
Livnat Herzig Sheinfux (U Haifa), Petter Haugereid (U Bergen), Nurit Melnik (Open University of Israel) and Shuly Wintner (U Haifa)
Towards a large-scale, wide-coverage HPSG grammar of Hebrew
12h20-14h00: Lunch break 12h20-14h00: Lunch break
14h00-16h15: Session 3
Antonio Machicao y Priemer (FU Berlin)
Issues of the left side of NP
Frank van Eynde (KU Leuven)
Two types of predicative complements
Philippa Cook (FU Berlin)
A Fresh Look at "Au▀enseiter" Sentences
14h00-15h30: Session 7
Philip Miller (U Paris Diderot)
Berthold Crysmann (CNRS)
Batsbi exuberant exponence in information-based morphology
16h15-16h45: Coffee break 15h30: Farewell drinks
16h45-18h15: Session 4
Doug Arnold & Andrew Spencer (U Essex)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Jean-Pierre Koenig & Karin Michelson (U Buffalo)
A grammar fragment of Oneida
20h30: Workshop dinner  
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